What to Do in Agalas and Its Surrounding Areas

Agalas Zante Zakynthos

Agalas is a small mountain village located 9 km from Keri and 18 km from Zakynthos Town. The village is divided in two, the old town, with its old stone houses, and the new town. The area is most famous for Plakaki Beach and Damianos Caves, but it actually has a lot more to offer. Here is a list of all the attractions in Agalas.

What to Do in Agalas

The Venetian Wells
The 11 Venetian Wells

The Andronios wells date back to the 15th century and are located in the valley below the village of Agalas. Local legend has it that Andronios was an evil dragon 300 meters tall. The good ruler and protector of the village, Damianos, fought and defeated Andronios. As a punishment, the dragon had to build twelve wells, one for each month of the year, for the good of the village. From his cave, Damianos watched Andronios perform his punishment. Eleven wells are visible on the ground’s surface, whereas the twelfth one is buried. The wells are still used today to supply water to local residents.

Damianos Caves
Le grotte di Damianos Zante
Damianos Caves

Damianos Caves, take their name from the village ruler who, according to legend, defeated a dragon, forcing him to build the 12 wells located in the valley below. These two caves are located under the Cave Damiano Restaurant” and can be reached along a small path to the right of the restaurant. From the outside, visitors can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley below, whereas inside, they can observe stalactites and stalagmites.

Panoramic View from the Plakaki Promontory
la baia panoramici di Plakaki
Panoramic view from the promontory

Starting from the village of Agalas, along a paved road that first cuts through beautiful ​​olive groves and vineyards and then through bushy vegetation, you reach a small parking lot from where a dirt path takes you to the beach below. Before starting the descent leading to Plakaki Beach, we recommend that you take a detour through a small path to the left of the parking lot, which ends with magnificent views of faraglioni stacks rising from the blue waters of the Ionian Sea.

Plakaki Beach
le spiagge segrete di Zante Plakaki Beach

The descent leading to Plakaki beach is not suitable for children and people who have difficulties walking. Wearing sneakers and bringing a bottle of water is also recommended. The colors of the water and the richness of the seabed will leave you speechless and repay you for the difficult descent to the beach, which actually consists of a huge white rock.

Eat in a traditional tavern
trattoria Festini ad Agalas
“Festini” Tavern

In January 2022, the “Festini” tavern, the only one in the village, opened to business. Here the owner and cook prepares traditional dishes daily; the décor is basic, but the food, price and hospitality are definitely Greek! Reservations are recommended at 00306956503366.

The Church
The church

“The Lady of the Angels” (from the Greek “Η Κυρία των Αγγέλων”) is the village parish church. In 1978, it was destroyed by a fire and only the bell tower dating back to 1890 was saved. The church was rebuilt in a basilica style, with elements of local architecture. In the church courtyard there is a 15th century building (from the Greek “Παλαιό Κτίσμα”), which houses a folk painting exhibition. Previously, it was used as the village school.

Visit the historic center
il paese vecchio di Agalas Zante Zakynthos
Visit the historic center

The historic center refers to a small street in the old town, where you can still see old buildings from before the 1953 earthquake. Some homes have been abandoned and if you look inside you can still see the old tools used in the last century.

What to Do Around Agalas

Hidden panoramic views
scorcio panoramico di Agalas
One of many panoramic views

Wandering around the country lanes of Agalas (on foot, by quad, bike, or Jeep) you eventually reach a cliff overlooking the sea, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of one of the most unspoiled areas in Zakynthos. Our advice is to ask local residents for directions, because finding the right path to the coast is a bit complicated for tourists.

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