What to do in Alykes/Alikanas and surrounding areas

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The villages of Alykes and Alikanas are only 2 km apart and are located on Zakynthos eastern coast, about 16 km north Zakynthos Town and about 12 km north of Tsilivi. Although they are two distinct locations, due to their proximity they are often considered as a single resort. On this site we will treat them as a single location, as it is very difficult to understand where one ends and the other begins.

What to Do in Alykes/Alikanas

spiaggia di alykes alikanas
Alykanas Beach

The beach of Alykes and Alikanas is sandy with beautiful shallow and warm water. Here you have the option of either going the free beach or renting sun loungers and umbrellas at reasonable prices (max 8 € for 2 sun loungers and an umbrella). This beach also offers water sports for all ages: inflatable slides and bananas for the little ones and jet skis, parachutes and more for the adults. Thanks to these amenities, it is a preferred destination for families with children, but also for couples and young people looking for relaxation.

Main Street
Main street

Alykes and Alikanas main street is lined with an incredible variety of businesses providing great entertainment in the evening. Taverns, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops will provide hours of enjoyment, even though younger people might find this area a bit boring and might prefer a louder and more hectic nightlife.

Shipwreck Beach

The small port of Alyknas is the departing point for daily excursions to Shipwreck Beach and the Blue Caves. More information on Shipwreck Beach Excursions.

Salt flats
alykes e alikanas saline
Alykes and Alikanas salt flats

The names Alykes and Alikanas derive from the Greek “Alati”, meaning salt. They are in fact the site of salt flats used until the 1980s. Now abandoned, the salt flats have become a habitat for local wildlife.

What to Do in Alykes/Alikanas

Sunrise at the Venetian Tower
Sunset at the Venetian Tower

Alykes and Alikanas are located between two Venetian watchtower, one located in Micro Nisi and the other at the end of Tsilivi. In the past these watchtowers were extremely important to the safety of the island because they helped protect residents from invaders. For photography lovers: it is an ideal place to take beautiful photos.

Goumas Winery
cantina Goumas nei pressi di Alykes e Alikanas
Goumas winery 7 km from Alykes and Alikanas

On a green hill, in a property full of olive, Sicamine and citrus trees, the Giatras-Gkoumas family will welcome you to their estate and introduce you to the world of wine making. The late nineteenth-century buildings of the estate have been appropriately restored, preserving their original style. Stone, wood, earth, gravel and all natural materials available within the boundaries of the estate were used to refurbish the exterior and interior of all the buildings. Here, you will also have the opportunity to taste their wines. Reservations are recommended.

Black Cave
Inside the Black Cave

The Black Cave is a cave located 7km from Alykes/Alikanas. Following the directions on Google Maps you will arrive at a widening, where you can leave your vehicle and then walk along a path carved into the rock for the remaining 200 meters. The panoramic view will repay you for any inconvenience.

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