The best pita gyros in Zakynthos 2021

pita gyros Zante

In Zakynthos and throughout Greece in general, street food is widespread and pita gyros [πίτα γύρος] is one of the most famous dishes of Greek cuisine. The classic version of this delicious street food, perfect as a quick lunch or dinner or as a hearty snack, consists of pork (or chicken) and other ingredients wrapped in a pita. Pita is nothing more than a round, mashed loaf, thicker and more tender than the pita used to make Arabic kebab. The cost of a classic Greek pita gyros varies between € 2.00 and € 3.00.

How it is prepared

On a pointed rod, slices of meat of various shapes and sizes are placed one above the other until the rod is completely covered. The block of meat thus created is placed in an appliance that slowly cooks the outer layers of the meat block by rotating (the name gyros refers to the rotating movement of the appliance). The meat is cut continuously before it burns with a large knife or with an automatic machine and collected in a tray. The classic gyros pita is made of pork, in Greek it is called pita chirino [πίτα χοιρινό] There are variations which are the gyros pita with chicken (pita kotopoulo [πίτα κοτόπουλο]) or with meat skewers (pita souvlaki σουβλάκι]). The other ingredients of the gyros pita are: tomato, chips and onions and tzatziki sauce [τζατζίκι]. Those who do not like the taste of tzatziki due to the presence of garlic, can replace it with tirokafteri [τυροκαφτερή], cream of feta cheese and hot pepper.

Where to eat the best pita gyros in Zakynthos 2021

pita gyros zante
Andreas Vithoulkas with his family

After having tried so many of them all over the island, we believe that this year the award for best pita gyros in Zakynthos goes to Ladolemono. This small family-run Psitopoleio (steakhouse) was opened in 2017 by Andreas Vithoulkas. In addition to preparing the best pita in Zakynthos, still cooked on the grill, at Ladolemono you will also find lamb, chicken and pork cooked on a spit at lunchtime. Among the house specialties to try we recommend the Kotobacon (chicken skewers wrapped in bacon), Kotosouvli (skewers of chicken or pork marinated with Mediterranean spices and herbs and enriched with vegetables) and the classic Souvlaki (pork or chicken skewers) .

The spit where the meat is cooked

If you love dishes with an intense flavor, try the traditional Kokoretsi, a substantial recipe that consists of cooking the lamb entrails on a spit, flavored with spices and wrapped in the small intestine of the animal.

Where is Ladolemono

pita gyros Zante 2021

Ladolemono is located on the main road connecting Laganas to Zakynthos town, just before the LIDL supermarket. This is the position on Google map. An excellent alternative is to call them at 0030-6984985400 and have the pitas delivered at home.

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