Are you on holiday in Zante and you need to book an appointment with a physiotherapist or an osteopath? During the year, especially in high season, Dr. Luciani is in Zante to deliver homevisits for all patients suffering low back pain,

In the Island of Zante taxis are available 24 hours a day and can be found at various taxi rank places in the most strategic places of the island. Day and night there are always taxis waiting at the Airport

STARTERS / SNACKS In Zakynthos you can try a rich variety of appetizers. Some of the most common dishes are tzatziki (yogurt, garlic, cucumber), melitzanosalata (chopped aubergines), dolmadakia (vine leaves stuffed with rice), fava (chickpea mash) that are often accompanied with

Despite the tourist explosion of recent years, Zante is still cheaper than many other Greek islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. We give you 10 tips that can save you more than 100 euros during your stay in Zante. 1) EXCURSIONS:

In Zante you can find all the most popular Greek drinks, but if you want to drink something local you should definitely try the Birra Levante or the Solomos and Calinico wines. Greek wines Retsina Retsina is a wine with an additional taste

The public transport of the island of Zakynthos (KTEL) has made considerable progress in recent years. KTEL offers visitors to Zakynthos an excellent bus service which includes intercity routes as well as local routes throughout the island. The bus is