West Coast Tour

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West Coast Tour

€30 per person

Excursions to Shipwreck Beach are certainly the most requested ones. If you have a car or scooter with at least a 125cc engine, you can book this excursion departing from the western Port. From there, our boats only take 10 minutes to reach Shipwreck Beach, undoubtedly the most famous cove in Zakynthos. After a stop of no more than 45 minutes (as required by local laws), we will continue to Hidden Treasure Cave, where you will have the opportunity to swim for 20 minutes inside and near this magnificent natural formation. Once back on the boat, we will take you to Porto Stenitis for another 20-minute swim stop and finally a fourth stop at the White Beach, if there is enough time.

Summary of the excursion: 3 or 4 swim stops (Shipwreck Beach + Hidden Treasure Cave + Stenitis + White Beach).

Our excursion to Shipwreck Beach is suitable for those who want to avoid overcrowded boats, such as the large 350-passenger vessels. Those looking for even more privacy can rent a boat that doesn’t require a boating license or a boat with skipper.

The departure port is the one west of Zakynthos and lasts about 3 hours. The cost is € 30 per person.

N.B. 1. In case of bad weather or for any health reasons, you can reschedule the day or time of the excursion at no additional cost (prior notice).

N.B. 2. If you do not have a reservation, we recommend that before going to the port, you contact us to check availability and sea conditions.

Excursion information: Shipwreck Beach with 50-passenger boat

The departure port is the one west of Zakynthos (36 km from the city of Zakynthos, 21 km from Alykes). To reserve your spot please fill out the Booking form or book from our office in Agios Sostis https://g.page/welcometozante?share.

This excursion uses a 50-passenger vessel, which takes approximately 15 minutes to reach Shipwreck Beach. After a swim break at this beautiful beach, we will cruise along the coast and show you other coves and rock formations typical of this area, stopping for an additional swim in the Hidder Treasure cove. After a stop of about 20 minutes, we will head to Porto Stenitis, where you will have the unique opportunity to swim through a very long and narrow fjord.

Watch the video of the excursion to Shipwreck Beach



Price: € 30 per person.

In case of adverse weather conditions the tour can be postponed or moved up at no additional cost.

The departure location must be reached independently (having a car or scooter with at least a 125cc engine is recommended).

Description of the excursion:




Shipwreck Beach

Swim stop at Shipwreck Beach(45 minutes). Maximum time allowed by law.




Hidden Treasure Cave

Swim stop at Hidden Treasure Cave (20 minutes).




Porto Stenitis

Swim stop at Porto Stenitis (20minutes).




White Beach

Swim stop at White Beach (20minutes).

  • Departure Time
    1° Tour: 09:45 am - 2° Tour: 11:45 am - 3° Tour: 12:45 pm - 4° Tour: 2:10 pm - 5° Tour: 3:45 pm
  • Return Time
    1° Tour: 12:45 pm - 2° Tour: 2:45 pm - 3° Tour: 3:45 pm - 4° Tour: 5:15 pm - 5° Tour: 6:45 pm

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