Keri Caves

grotte di keri caves Zante

Keri Caves are a series of spectacular caves located in the southwestern coast of Zakynthos Island and reachable only by excursion or by private boat. The coastal stretch that extends from Kapo Marathia to the Mizithres rocks is called Keri, hence the name of the numerous caves found in this area of Zakynthos Island. Some caves have an entrance wide enough to swim in, in others it is possible to enter directly by boat. Keri Caves have nothing to envy to the most famous Blue Caves, in fact inside many caves the water takes on a blue color. This phenomenon is caused, in some by the presence of an underwater window, in others by the reflection of sunlight on the limestone walls.

How to reach Keri Caves on excursion

The excursion to reach the Keri Caves is carried out by different types of boats and also includes other stops. The 300-seater boats that organize the tour of the island + Keri caves depart from the Port of Zakynthos city, the ticket price is about 22 €. Smaller boats include Marathonisi Island + Keri caves and depart from Laganas bay or Agios Sostis port, the price is around 20 €. Small boats have the advantage of being able to enter inside some caves and one of the two natural arches present in this area. More information on: Excursions to the Marine Park.

How to reach Keri Caves by private boat

In Zakynthos it is possible to rent a boat without a boat license or with a skipper to reach the Keri Caves. Both solutions as well as allow you to visit and swim even in less touristy caves, offer the opportunity to stop and swim in one of the many bays with crystal clear water that characterize this area. Renting a boat with a skipper offers the advantage of being guided by a profound connoisseur of the area who will show you unmarked entrances and ravines. The cost of renting a boat that does not require a boating licence is about 20 € per hour including petrol, while the rental of a boat with captain is about 60 € per hour including fuel.

Is it possible to swim inside Keri Caves?

Most of Keri caves can only be explored by swimming, we recommend that you bring a mask to observe the wonderful seabed of this area.

How do you know if Keri Caves are accessible?

During the summer the sea is rarely rough in this area of ​​the island. With Welcometozante it is possible to change the day of the excursion in case of bad weather or for health reasons. To find out about the marine situation at the moment you can contact the information service at 00306995806809 or check on this Facebook group: Welcometozante