The best parties in Zakynthos

The best parties in Zakynthos

Zakynthos is one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece , not only for the charm of its crystal clear waters and jagged coastline) but also and above all, for its nightlife, parties and clubs. The island is in fact full of clubs and discos, mostly located around the two main tourist centers, Argassi and Laganas. Argassi is home to the most famous nightclub on the island, the Barrage, where tourists of all ages spend their evenings in a selective environment, whereas Laganas is home to the Rescue , the Zeros and the Cocktail & Dream, which mostly attract younger tourists age 18-21. Let’s find out which are the best events and parties on the island:


Martedi Bianco Party Zante

White or Total White Tuesday, organized weekly since 2006, is the most famous party on the island, with over 1,500 participants of all ages during the main events. It is hosted every Tuesday in the most exclusive disco on the island, the Barrage, the only club in Zakynthos with 2 outdoor spaces and a beautiful garden as a frame.

Every Tuesday evening from 9 July to 3 September 2024.

Admission: 15 € with drink included.

Dress Code:  (required but not mandatory) a white garment.

Number of rooms: 2 outdoor spaces.


* Indoor: House / Deep house

* Outdoor: Hip Hop / Reggaeton / Commercial

To reserve a table, contact +306995393586 via WhatsApp


Elegant party Zante

The Elegant Party is the second most important and most attended event in Zakynthos and again it is hosted at the Barrage. It is organized every Friday in this elegant location that totally reflects the theme of the evening. The main August events will have DJs turnover from Mykonos and Italy, great entertainment, beautiful choreography and much more.

Every Friday from July 12th to September 6th 2024.

Admission: 15 € with drink included.

Dress Code: not mandatory.

Number of rooms: 2 outdoor spaces.


* Indoor: House / Deep house

* Outdoor: Commercial / Hip Hop / Reggaeton

To reserve a table, contact +306995393586 via WhatsApp


every wednesday paint party zakynthos

The Paint Party is the most colorful and fun event of the summer. It specifically targets 18 to 21 year olds and is organized at the Rescue club. Thanks to special cannons, the dancefloor is flooded with fluorescent paint which, in a few moments, colors all the participants. CO2 cannons and laser lights do the rest.

Every Monday starting on July 12th

Admission: 30 €, includes a free T-Shirt.

Music: House / Commercial


Latin party Zante

Latin party is the hottest reggaeton and hip hop party of the summer. Get carried away by the rhythms of Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B. The Party is organized every Sunday and DJs from Italy and Athens to entertain the crowd. The location is to be announced in the coming days.

Barrage Club: Every Sunday

Admission: 15 € with drink included

Music: Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B


disco zero foam party a zakynthos

The Foam Party is the most slippery event in Zakynthos, mainly suitable for young people between 18 and 21 years old, and is organized at the ZEROS club. Cannons flood the dancefloor with over 1,000 liters of fresh white foam, in which participants can dive, hide and dance.

Dates in the planning stage


Music: House / commercial