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All you need to know about the island of Zante


Zante (or also Zakynthos, from its Greek name Ζάκυνθος, Zakynthos), is one of the 7 Ionian islands and with its 406 km² is the third largest island of the Ionian Sea. The island is 40 km long and 17 km wide, with a coastline of 154 km and has a population of about 40,000. It is located 18 nautical miles from the Peloponnese coast.The biggest city is Zakynthos, also called “Chora” by the Greeks. The city is the main port and alone covers half of the total island population. Homer was the first who decanted the splendor by baptizing it with the romantic nickname of Fiore di Levante, because of its luxuriant vegetation.In fact, Zante has a varied territory, with fertile plains in the southeastern part of the island and mountainous terrain covered with pine forests with cliffs along the western coasts.The economy is based on breeding, agriculture and tourism.

The latter in recent years had an exponential increase, thanks above all to the shipwreck beach and to turtles Caretta Caretta which come here to nest thousands of eggs each year.