Renting a scooter

Zakynthos in 7 days

Explore Zakynthos in 7 days!

Visiting Zakynthos Island in 7 days requires some level of planning and organization. Public transportation on the island is still being developed and does not yet connect all resorts and beaches. For more information, refer to the article “Buses in Zakynthos: routes and fares“. If instead you are opting to rent a car, quad, or scooter for your holiday in Zakynthos, you will definitely be able to visit all the main spots in maximum comfort. The choice of vehicle is based on a purely personal preference; all the roads on Zakynthos Island are in fact paved and have plenty of road signs. Here is an itinerary to visit Zakynthos in 7 days.

For those who cannot rent a vehicle (for financial reasons, age or lack of a driving license) we recommend reading “How to explore Zakynthos without a vehicle”.

Day 1

Zakynthos city

Arrival at the island: time to relax one the beach closest to your accommodation. After dinner, visit the TOWN OF ZANTE and BOXALI (pronounced Bochali), the panoramic belvedere located on Strani hill and overlooking the city.

Day 2

Day 2 can be spent at some of the most beautiful beaches located on the southern coast of Zakynthos Island. Visit Zakynthos Marine Park either by excursion or by renting a boat that doesn’t require a nautical license or one with skipper.For more information visit: Excursions Marine Park.

If you book your holiday through a tour operator, when you arrive in Zakynthos, they will mostly likely to sell you excursions at a higher price (sometimes double!) than what you would normally pay by booking online or at a local agency. Our advice is therefore to book online or at local agencies.

***Transfer to the port may be included or available for an extra fee.

After your excursion, relax on the nearby beaches of KALAMAKI or LAGANAS.

Day 3

beaches banana beach

Visit the Vasilikos area beaches located on the southeastern coast of Zakynthos (in order DAFNI, S. NICHOLAS, BANANA BEACH and GERAKAS). DAFNI and GERAKAS are part of Zone A, the most strictly protected area of ​​the Marine Park. These 2 beaches are home to numerous turtle nests. More information on the “Map, beaches and rules of the Marine Park“.

BANANA BEACH is the largest and best equipped beach on the island and offers – like SAN NICHOLAS – the opportunity to enjoy numerous water sports, including jet skis, parachutes, banana boats etc.

* If you don’t have a vehicle, you have 2 options:

1) Take advantage of the FREE shuttle service offered by Banana Beach and St. Nicholas Beach (you can recognize it by their beach logo on the side and the front of the buses). These shuttles are available from Laganas, Kalamaki and Argassi.

2) Use local buses, which you can recognize by the sign KTEL on the vehicle themselves and at the bus stops as well (Price: 1.80 €).

Day 4

shipwreck beach

Visit Shipwreck Beach by reaching the departure port with your own vehicle (do not leave this excursion for the last day of your holiday, because excursions are sometimes cancelled and rescheduled due to adverse sea conditions).

There are 3 options to visit Shipwreck Beach:

1) Tour of the island, duration 7 hours, departure from the Zakynthos Town port

2) Fast boat from San Nikolaos port (north-eastern coast) or Porto Vromi (western coast).

3) A Jeep Safari

Options 2 and 3 must be booked at least one day in advance during low season and 3 days in advance during high season. The boat will make different stops depending on which departure port you have chosen.

More info: Excursions Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves

Day 5

keri beach

Visit the beaches of KERI and MARATHIA and enjoy a stunning sunset at FAROS KERI or PLAKAKI FAROS or at any of the spots included in our guide “Sunset in Zakynthos“. Keri Beach is a mix of sand and pebbles, with pine trees providing shade in the hottest hours, whereas Marathia is made of white pebbles.

These 2 beaches are quite close to each other: only 10 minutes by car / scooter.

* Unfortunately, Marathia and Keri Faros can only be reached by private vehicle.

Day 6

porto limnionas beach


Reaching these 2 beautiful rocky coves and their crystal clear water takes longer, due to a somewhat winding path to get there. If you like adventure, you can explore all the way to KORAKONISI and PLAKAKI, but don’t forget to bring a pair of sneakers to wear when walking on the rock-carved path leading down the sea.

* Unfortunately, these two coves can only be reached by private vehicle.

Day 7

macri gialos beaches.

Visit the beaches of ALYKES, XIGIA, MACRI GIALOS and PORTO S. NIKOLAS. Xigia and Macri Gialos are among the most famous and crowded beaches of the island. Xigia is a sulfurous beach: the sulfur, released from a crack in the rock directly into the sea, gives the water a stunning blue hue. Macri Gialos is a long strip of white pebbles with crystal clear waters.

* For those without a vehicle, there are local buses (KTEL) from the town of Zakynthos to Tsilivi and Alykes

Explore Zante by night

nightclubs parties in zante

In your 7-day itinerary, you can’t forget about nightlife.

In recent years, the island nightlife has moved from the of the chaotic village of Laganas to the vibrant city of Zakynthos and specifically to the nearby BARRAGE nightclub.

The city of Zakynthos really comes alive at sunset: you can enjoy a stroll along Corso Alexandre Roma, a drink in one of the downtown clubs  or a savory dinner in one of the many taverns scattered along the promenade and in the charming narrow streets of the center. In the late evening, the nightlife moves to the Barrage disco, just 2 km away. Here, theme nights are held twice a week, specifically the Elegant Party and White Tuesday. The club, which offers 2 separate spaces (one indoor and one outdoor, in the garden), is suitable for people of all ages, for those seeking tranquility as well as for those who want to dance until dawn

(* If you don’t have a vehicle, you can use the shuttle service).