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Renting a scooter

Explore Zakynthos in 7 days!

With a bit of organisation, Zakynthos can be easily explored in 7 days.

Public transport on the island is still under development and some beaches still can not be easily reached, so orenting a car, scooter pr quad is required to reach some areas. The choice to rent a car/scooter/quad is purely personal. All the roads on Zakynthos are paved.

For those who cannot rent a vehicle (for economic reasons, age or lack of driving license) we recommend reading “How to explore Zakynthos without a vehicle

Day 1

Arrival in Zakynthos, relax at the nearest beach. After dinner, enjoy a drink at BOXALI, the best viewpoint in Zakynthos island.

Day 2

Visit the marine park by excursion or boat rental, reaching the port of embarkation with your own vehicle. After the excursion you can relax on the sandy beach of KALAMAKI. More info: Excursions Marine Park

Day 3

Visit the beaches of Vasilikos (in order, DAFNI, S. NIKOLAS, BANANA BEACH, GERAKAS). DAFNI and GERAKAS are part of the marine park and here you will find numerous turtle nests. BANANA BEACH is the largest and most equipped beach on the island and SAN NIKOLAS offers the opportunity to have a go at plenty of watersports.

Day 4

Visit SHIPWRECK BEACH by reaching the port of embarkation with your own vehicle (do not leave it for the last day of your holiday, sometime due to weather condition the excursion is cancelled). To get to Shipwreck Beach there are 3 options:

1) Island tour by the main port in Zante Town

2) Fast boat from Porto Vromi or Port of San Nikolas.

Option 2 must be booked at least a few days in advance.

More info: Excursions Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves

Day 5

Visit KERI and MARATHIA beaches and watch the sunset at FAROS KERI.

These 2 beaches are quite close to each other and it only takes 10 minutes drive to reach them.

* For those who do not have a vehicle, unfortunately Marathia and the Faros of Keri can only be reached by public transport.

Day 6


To reacht these 2 beautiful rocky coves, characterised by deep and crystalline water, you must drive down a serpentine road, it is definitely worth it.

* Unfortunately unreachable with public transport.

Day 7


Situated on the North-East side of the island,  these 4 beaches are definitely a must see attraction of Zakynthos.

* For those without a vehicle, there are local buses (KTEL) from Zakynthos town to Tsilivi and Alykes

Explore Zante by night

Nightlife in recent years has shifted from the chaotic Laganas to the vibrant city of Zakynthos and BARRAGE


In Zakynthos you can enjoy a drink or dinner on Alexander Rome Street, then finish the evening at the scenic spot of Bochali or go to Barrage club which is only 2 Km from the town. Famous parties (the Elegant Party and the White Tuesday) are held twice a week. The club has 2 rooms: the outdoor garden is ideal for those that want sipping a drink and an indoor room for those who want to dance until sunrise.

* For those without a vehicle, a shuttle service is provided from Laganas.