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What is the best area to stay in Zakynthos? This is probably the question you are asking yourself if you have chosen Zakynthos as your holiday destination. The island is especially famous for its intense nightlife and numerous clubs, making it a favourite destination for young people and nightlife lovers. However, Zakynthos is not just that, but, thanks to its crystal clear waters and pristine beaches, it is also ideal for families and couples looking for a relaxation vacation by the sea. What are you looking for in Zakynthos? Is it sea and relaxation, bars where you can leisurely a drink or maybe the island’s famous parties? Based on your preferences, you can choose the area that better fits your needs. The following locations are the major tourist centres on the island.

We have included a small description of each location in order to give you a little more information before booking your stay in Zakynthos.


Città di Zante

Zakynthos, also called Zante or Chora (in Greek), is the capital and commercial centre of the island. In 1953, following an earthquake that destroyed most of its buildings, the town was entirely rebuilt in keeping with its original architecture.

In addition to the numerous bars, restaurants and shops – closed from 2pm to 4pm – the city offers several cultural activities. For example, you can visit San Dionysios Church, which houses the remains of San Dionysios,San Marco Catholic Church, the Byzantine Museum and the D. Solomos Museum. For children, Solomos square offers bicycles and tricycles for rent and play areas to be used under parent supervision. In the evening, the city comes alive! The streets are filled with tourists and locals, Roma Street the seafront  promenade are both crowded with people strolling and shopping.

The Zakynthos central bus station offers a local bus service covering routes to almost every destination on the island, especially to tourist attractions like Argassi, Tsilivi, Laganas, Alykes, Keri and Vassilikos.

For those who love scenic vies, the Castle of Bochali,on top of Strani Hill, is highly recommended. Just three kilometres from the city, it is a perfect spot to enjoy sweeping views of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos beach is usually only used by Greeks. It is very small but worth visiting if you want to experience local customs.

Do not miss: San Dionysios Festival on August 24th.


Argasi Zante Zakynthos dove dormire a Zante

Argassi 4 Km from the town of Zakynthos (ideal for families, couples and teenagers).

Argassi is a seaside village stretching along the coastal road. In recent years, it has grown extensively, with the addition of three thousand new hotel rooms. The location is ideal for those who want to enjoy the beaches of Vasilikos (Dafni, Gerakas, Banana Beach and San Nikolas). Nightlife lovers have plenty of choices too, whether walking around Argassi or going to the Barrage, the most famous club on the island, where the biggest events are hosted every Tuesday and Friday. In Argassi there are also many taverns, bars and restaurants, although the most traditional taverns have been replaced by more touristy places.

 The Argassi beach is very small and somewhat rundown but just a few kilometres away, there are the most famous beaches of the Marine Park.

Do not miss: White Tuesday at the Barrage Club (the most famous party on the island).


kalamaki zante zakynthos dove dormire

Kalamaki 7 Km from the town of Zakynthos, 4 Km from Laganas (families and couples)

The resort is located about 10minutes from the town of Zakynthos. Due to its proximity to the Marine Park, this area has been spared from the building frenzy that has affected the island in the last 10 years. The long sandy beach is very well maintained and kept clean by WWF volunteers. To avoid disturbing the nesting and hatching of the Loggerhead turtles (Caretta-Caretta), the beach remains closed to the public from sunset to sunrise. Kalamaki offers several restaurants, pubs and shops and Laganas, the center of Zakynthos nightlife, is only 4 km away.

Where to sleep in Kalamaki:

Domenica Apartments


Laganas 12 Km from the town of Zakynthos (young people 18-22 years old)

Laganas is the ideal place for those wishing to spend their holiday clubbing and partying. The area is very touristy and drinks are often low-cost (as is the quality). The area, which in the winter is almost deserted, comes alive in the summer with a large number of hotels, night clubs, souvenir shops and supermarkets, open from early morning until late at night, in order to satisfy various needs of tourists. The beach is similar to Kalamaki Beach, but suffers from the effect of the intense nightlife and it is not uncommon to find remnants of glasses and bottles from the previous evening.

Where to sleep in Laganas

Domenica Apartments

Agios Sostis Village Apartments


Keri Zante zakynthos dove dormire

Limni Keri 17 Km from the town of Zakynthos (families and couples).

Limni Keri should not be confused with Keri. Limni Keri is located on the coast, at the end of the Marine Park, whereas Keri is a mountain village two kilometers from Limni Keri. Limni Keri offers many high-end villa rentals, equipped with every kind of comfort. The small beach is made of pebbles with some pine trees providing shelter during the hottest hours. The beach offers beautiful views of Marathonisi Island with excursions to the Keri Caves and Marathonisi Island departing from the port every hour. The nightlife here is very quiet and pubs play music at a lower volume, allowing tourists to chat and relax.


Tsilivi 6 Km from the town of Zakynthos (families and couples)

Tsilivi has been rapidly expanding over the last few years and increasing numbers of visitors are in fact choosing this resort town for their Zakynthos vacation. It offers entertainment (bowling, minigolf, and amusement park), tourist shops, restaurants and bars, and it is often chosen by families and people over 30. The beach is sandy with establishments offering various services and amenities, such as sunbeds, watersports, etc.

Where to sleep in Tsilivi:

Sea View villas in Psarou (located between Tsilivi and Alykanas)


Alykes and Alykanas 15 Km from the town of Zakynthos (families and couples)

Alykes and Alykanas are located only 1 km from each other and are often shown together on road signs. Chosen mostly by families, they both offer a relaxed atmosphere. The local beach is sandy with shallow water, ideal for children and for parents’ peace of mind! Excursions to Shipwreck Beach and the Blue Caves depart every hour from the port. From Alykes and Alykanas you can also easily reach Xigia and Macri Gialos beaches whereas the Marine Park and Vasilikos beaches are much farther. This is why if staying in Alykes or Alykanas, it is advisable to rent a vehicle for exploring the island.

Where to sleep in Alykes/Alykanas:

Sea View villas in Psarou (located between Tsilivi and Alykanas)


Agios Sostis Zante Zakynthos dove dormire

Agios Sostis 11 Km from the town of Zakynthos, 2 Km from Laganas (families and couples)

Agios Sostis is located very close to Laganas. It is often chosen by visitors for its proximity to Laganas nightlife while still enjoying a more peaceful atmosphere. This village has numerous hotels that offer all-inclusive vacation packages and different restaurants. The beach is very small and sandy.

Where to sleep in Agios Sostis:

Agios Sostis Village Apartments

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