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Where to eat in Zante

Where to eat in Zante local food?

The tourist explosion of the last 5 years has meant that many taverns and local restaurants have made way for more touristy restaurants. Many tourists wonder where to eat in Zante local food.

WelcometoZante will constantly update those restaurants and places that still maintain the typical local cuisine and Greek hospitality.

Print the page and show it at the restaurant and you will be entitled to a free gift from each of the restaurants!

Here are our suggested restaurants / taverns divided by area:


Highlights: Fresh fish, sea view. This tavern is located a few steps from the sea and can be reached on foot from the main square of Zakynthos. Frequented mainly by the local Greeks, who come here to eat fresh fish accompanying dishes with various glasses of Ouzo.


Highlights: traditional local dishes, live music. Located on the seafront of Zakynthos, this tavern offers traditional local dishes made with first quality ingredients and fresh fish of the day, accompanied every evening by the popular songs of Zakynthos (Kantades).


Highlights: traditional local dishes, expert chef. This tavern, located 1 km from Zakynthos, is managed by the highly accomplished Chef of Zakynthos, Nikos. In fact, he actually teaches cooking to other chefs working on the island. At lunch he prepares numerous dishes of the day, ask him for advice on these.


Highlights: starters and local food. This hidden traditional greek tavern is located few km from Zante. It is managed since 1983 from Petros and his family. They bring out a tray full of starters from which you can pick what you fancy. Food is homemade.


Highlights: fresh fish, atmosphere. The owner Gnognos is the soul of this family-run tavern: fresh fish every day, some meat dishes of the day and the moussaka prepared daily by Gnognos’s lovely wife. Unmissable Taverna in which to taste Greek hospitality.


Highlights: pita and meat dishes. From a simple tavern, in a few years it has become one of the most popular in Laganas, also thanks to the wonderful owner Marilena. The pita is definitely the most requested dish; the moussaka and meat dishes are also very popular