What to do in Vasilikos, the southern peninsula of Zakynthos

Vasilikos is the peninsula located at the south of Zakynthos Island. The area, which begins shortly after the city of Argassi, includes four villages: Xirocastello, Agios Ioannis, Ano Vasilikos and Vasilikos. Unlike other places on the island, Vasilikos maintains its traditional aspect. The accommodation is mainly studios and stone villas that stand among expanses of olive trees. Among the services: minimarket, bars and taverns are present in each village, while the few souvenir shops are located on the only main road that connects Zakynthos town to Gerakas

The beaches of Vasilikos, already extensively described in “All the beaches of Vasilikos” are suitable both for those looking for fun and adrenaline, and for those looking for pristine waters and relaxation. Staying in Vasilikos is ideal for nature lovers, couples and families looking for tranquility and a slow pace. Entertainment and nightlife are not far away, in any case, from 5 to a maximum of 15 minutes by car you can easily reach both the city of Argassi and the Barrage club where the most important events of Zakynthos take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

What to do in Vasilikos

Dafni Beach spiagge Zante Zakynthos Vasilikos
Dafni Beach

Anyone who comes on vacation to Zakynthos lsland spends at least two days of their holiday visiting the beaches of Vasilikos. On the western coast of the peninsula there are Dafni and Gerakas, two of the three beaches that belong to the most protected area of ​​the Marine Park of Zakynthos, zone A. In zone A no motorboats are allowed, so you will be able to take long swims without the concern of boats. On the eastern coast there are some of the best equipped beaches on the island, St. Nicholas and Banana Beach, a must for those looking for adrenaline and fun. The waters are warm and clear, the seabed is shallow, making any Vasilikos beach suitable for children. More information “All the beaches of Vasilikos

Clay baths
fanghi argilla Vasilikos Zante
Clay baths in Porto Zorro

Clay is found in abundance throughout the island of Zakynthos, but both in Porto Zorro (or Azzurro) and on the right of St. Nicholas beach it can be found close to the beach. After removing a piece of it, wet it with water and apply it to the skin. Once it is dry, remove it, your skin will be smooth and soft throughout the day.

Tartarughe Caretta-Caretta
turtles Vasilikos Zante Zakynthos
Hatching in Dafni

Although it is much easier to meet the Caretta-Caretta turtles in the area between Kalamaki and Cameo, as widely described in the article “Sea turtles in Zakynthos: how to see them and where to find them” in Vasilikos it is possible to see, with a little luck, the hatching of eggs from late July to September on the beaches of Dafni and Gerakas. How to notice the event? You will notice the grouping in 2 rows of bathers, who will shelter the little turtle from the hot summer sun during its journey to reach the sea. It will be an unforgettable experience for many of you!

Monk Seal
foca monaca monk seal Vasilikos
Monk Seal

There are about 40 examples of Monk Seal in Zakynthos. Although rare, it is possible to meet it during a swim in Vasilikos or in one of the coves accessible only by boat on the western coast. The best place to meet them is Porto Roma, near Ákra Kalogkéra. Here is a video of a rare encounter with a Monk Seal in Zakynthos.

sport acquatici a Vasilkos
Jet Sky

Apart from its beaches, Vasilikos is famous for its watersports at Banana Beach and St. Nicholas Beach. Every day, thousands of tourists flock to these two beaches for a day full of adrenaline and fun. Prices, almost similar, range from 10 to 50 €. A free shuttle service connects these two beaches to Laganas, Kalamaki and Argassi. The free shuttle timetables can be found here: “Shuttle timetables and stops for St Nicholas and Banana Beach

Banana Baya Vasilikos
Cocktails in Banana Baya

After a day of nature, mud and fun, all that remains is to finish the day with an excellent aperitif. Banana Baya and Casa Playa are the two best bars in Vasilikos to sip a Spritz or a cocktail while relaxing with some Chill-out music. Prices starting from 8 to 10 €. At Banana Baya for the aperitif along with the drink, chips and peanuts are provided, for Welcometozante customers in addition, a bruschetta or a tortilla will be served for free.

What to do around Vasilikos

Mount Skopos

Shortly after Argassi, at the beginning of Vasilikos there is a dirt road that leads to Mount Skopos where the monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa is located, from which you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the entire island of Zakynthos. To reach the top, you can trek for an hour, or choose the simpler and faster solution by quad bike or car.

Barrage Club

Shortly after Argassi you reach this beautiful location of two rooms, one of which is outdoors. Here the most famous and historical events of Zakynthos take place, White Tuesday and the Elegant Party on Friday. A shuttle to be booked in advance connects it to Laganas and Kalamaki.

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