Zakynthos for couples: the best places to stay

vacanza a zante in coppia

After exploring the best places for young people to stay in Zakynthos, this article will provide information on the best places for couples and the next one will explore the best locations for families looking for relaxation and tranquility. Zakynthos Island offers wonderful beaches, breathtaking views and romantic sunsets and is not only a destination for young people looking for bars and nightclubs. When planning your holiday in Zakynthos, you may be thinking that in such a small island (406km²), the choice of a place to stay is not that essential. Nothing could be more wrong !!! The island is certainly small but traveling between the various locations takes time, and some locations are not suitable for lovers looking for romance or places to enjoy a drink.

In order to better plan your holiday as a couple, here are the pros and cons for the main resorts on Zakynthos Island:

View of Zakynthos Town from Bochali

Zante Town is the capital of the island and is an excellent location to stay, thanks to its central position and the presence of comprehensive services. Although we recommend renting a vehicle to move around the island, for couples who cannot / don’t want to rent a vehicle, Zante Town is the best choice. In fact, the central bus station connecting the city with the main towns on the island is located here. In Zakynthos Town, you can choose between strolling along Corso Roma or the seafront, where you can observe the numerous luxury yachts docked there, sipping a drink in one of the trendy clubs like the Base and Barralou, or enjoying dinner with a sea view in the more popular restaurants on the seafront or in the characteristic restaurants just outside the city, like Alivizos-Asteria.

A little more than 2 km from the center, reachable on foot along a road that cuts through Strani Hill, there is the village of Bochali, where you can enjoy enchanting views of the city below: don’t miss it!

More information about Zakynthos Town: “What to Do in Zakynthos Town and its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: easy connection with other locations, central bus station, numerous clubs and restaurants.

Cons: limited parking, noisy, small beach.

Aerial view of Argassi

Argassi is a seaside tourist resort located 3 km from Zakynthos Town. In recent years, more and more couples have chosen this location, due to its proximity to the capital and Vasilikos beaches. On Argassi’s main street there are numerous souvenir shops, mini markets, restaurants, bars and a pharmacy. In the evening, you can go to nearby Zakynthos Town, reachable by bus or taxi for only € 7 or have dinner at one of the restaurants overlooking the sea. If you want more lively entertainment, just go to the most exclusive club on the island, The Barrage, where the most famous theme nights in Zakynthos take place on Tuesdays and Friidays.

Among the things not to miss in Argassi, we recommend climbing to the summit of Mount Skopos, where you can enjoy incredible views of most of the island.

More information about Argassi: “What to Do in Argassi and its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: excellent location to reach Zakynthos Town and Vasilikos beaches, proximity to the Barrage club.

Cons: small beach with few services.

Kalamaki zante zakynthos
Aerial view of Kalamaki beach

Kalamaki is a quiet seaside resort located just 3km from hectic Laganas. It is a great choice for couples looking for peace and quiet. The beach is one of its greatest assets, with crystal clear and shallow waters. Its 3,500 m of golden beach makes it the largest beach in the Marine Park. Kalamaki offers visitors all the basic services they might need while on vacation: souvenir shops, bars, restaurants, minimarkets and a pharmacy. In the evening, Kalamaki comes alive with couples and families walking along its main street. For a different experience, you can easily reach Laganas or Zante Town by car, in 5 and 10 minutes respectively. If you are staying in Kalamaki, don’t forget to bring a diving mask: with a little luck, you will meet a specimen of Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) turtle swimming underwater.

More information about Kalamaki: “What to do in and around Kalamaki“.

Pros: snorkeling, crystal clear water, the beach is cleaned daily by Marine Park volunteers.

Cons: forbidden access to the beach from sunset to 7.00 AM, towels, chairs and umbrellas are not allowed beyond 3 m from the shore (see Marine Park Regulations).

Aerial view of Cameo Island

Agios Sostis is a small and quiet town located close to Laganas. Despite the proximity to the most famous resort on the island, Agios Sostis has a more relaxed atmosphere. Its small main street near the sea is lined with restaurants, hotels, bars and souvenir shops. Agios Sostis beach is split in two by the Cameo Island and by a small port; the beach on the right is small with few services, whereas the one on the left (the one closer to Laganas Beach) is certainly the most beautiful of the two.

A charming islet connected to the mainland by a wooden pier, Cameo Island is one of the must-see attractions for couples on holiday in Zakynthos, with happy hours organized twice a week (for more information, check out the events section).We recommend sitting on the terrace at sunset and looking at the sea; from time to time, you will see Loggerhead (Caretta-Caretta) turtles poking their head out of the water to breathe. Additionally, for a unique experience as a couple, you can rent a boat that doesn’t require a license and spend the day exploring hidden coves with your partner.

For more information about Agios Sostis: “What to Do in Agios Sostis and its Surrounding Areas

Pros: proximity to Cameo Island, easy access to Marathonisi Island.

Cons: very small beach with few services.

Aerial view of Tsilivi Bay

Tsilvi, the third main resort town on the island, mostly popular with people over 30, is a good choice for couples vacationing in Zante. It offers all the services required by tourists, like bars, restaurants, pharmacy, minimarkets, and shops. The sandy beach has various facilities providing chair and umbrella rentals and water sports, such as windsurf and Jet Ski. Nightlife is very quiet; in the evening, you can choose between taking walks, bowling, singing at karaoke bars and watching live shows in English. Zante town can be reached in about 20 minutes by car. If you are and early bird, we recommend going to see the sunrise from the Venetian tower next to Tsilivi port: you can take amazing pictures!

For more information: “What to do in Tsilivi and Its Surrounding Areas

Pros: services, aquatic sports.

Cons: the road to Zante Town is poorly lit at night, touristy restaurants.

Aerial view of Keri Beach

Limni Keri is a small village located close to the port carrying the same name as Keri, another small village located a few Km to the north. Limni Keri is mostly popular with families looking for some peace and with couples over 40, who often stay on the boats docked at the local port or in one of the numerous villas located in the area. The beach is pebbly and offers a gorgeous view of Marathonisi Island. After dinner, Limni Keri doesn’t offer much: there is only a small bar that stays open until 3:00 AM.

For more information “What to do in Keri and Its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: proximity to Keri caves and Marathonisi Island, excellent location if you have a small boat.

Cons: distance from the main resort towns, few services.

laganas, vacanza in coppia a Zante Zakynthos
Aerial view of Laganas Bay.

Laganas is the least chosen destination by couples vacationing in Zakynthos. However, with some careful planning and by selecting an accomodation at least 500 meters from the main street, Laganas too can become a good compromise, especially for couples over 30. In fact, the numerous clubs and discos most popular with young people, age 18 to 21, that stay open until dawn, are located on Lagana’s main street, but if you move a few hundreds meters, the atmosphere is definitely more peaceful. In the evening, couples prefer the restaurants and bars on the beach, where they can enjoy dinner or sip a drink while watching the water and listening to relaxing music. The beach is impacted by the large number of young people flocking to Laganas, but the more peaceful Kalamaki beach is only 10 minutes away on foot.

For more information: “What to do in Laganas and Its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: nightlife, services.

Cons: very touristy, the beach is sometimes dirty.

Aerial view of Alykes

Alykes and Alykanas are two villages so close to each other that they can be considered as one. Mostly chosen by families and couples over 40, they are definitely impacted by the distance from the main resort towns on the island, reachable in about 30 minutes by car, driving through several villages. Both have a main street with bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, and pharmacies. The beach is sandy and offers various services, including chair and umbrella rentals, and water sports for all ages.

For more information: “What to do in Alykes/Alykanas and Its Surrounding Areas

Pros: proximity to less touristy beaches and villages, long, less crowded beach.

Cons: distance from the main resort towns.


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