Mizithres: two majestic rocky peaks in Zakynthos

Mizithres Zakynthos rocks

Mizithres (pronounced Mizitires) are two rocks in the south-western area of ​​Zakynthos. Once known as the Mizithres islands because, before the 2018 earthquake, both rocks were separated by a strip of sea. Since 2018 the beach has become more and more famous, ranking among the top three most instagrammed places in Zakynthos.

mizhteres Zante Zakynthos
Mizithres before and after the earthquake

There are several ways to reach this beautiful attraction of Zakynthos:


To get to the viewpoint we recommend renting a quad or jeep as the terrain is dirt and rocky. Here you will find the location on Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/bJT1oLGAZhgGFNkRA.

Following the directions on Google you will notice that there are two ways; one passes inside the town of Keri, the second branches off to the left of “Keri Lighthouse”, we highly recommend the latter. The first road has several dips that could damage the vehicle. For those with a scooter or a car, they can safely park at the beginning of the second road and walk the 500 m that separate it from the viewpoint. We recommend you to be very careful when leaning out to take photos.


Zante Mizithres Excursion

The excursions include a swimming stop of one hour to avoid overcrowding this small beach. From the port it takes about 40 minutes to reach Mizithres beach. We recommend you to bring your mask and fins, here countless fish frequent the submerged reef.

Private Boat

rent boat barca Mizithres

By renting a private boat with or without skipper you can reach the rocks in about 25/30 minutes. An excellent alternative is also to sip a drink on board while watching the sunset between the two rocks.

Restaurant Keri Lighthouse

From the terrace of the Keri Lighthouse restaurant you can enjoy a fantastic view of the rocks. An excellent choice both at lunchtime, when the colours of the sea are particularly bright, but also at sunset when the sky turns orange with shades of pink.

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