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museo bizantino zante

The Museum of Byzantine and Post – Byzantine art is located in the capital, Zante Town, on Solomos

Square. The museum was founded after the earthquake of 1953 and it has a rich collection of ecclesiastical

works; hagiographies from the Byzantine age; wooden carvings from the 16th Century as well as frescos

and wall paintings ranging from the 12th Century through to the 18th Century. Of particular interest are the

hagiographies by Zakynthian artists Damaskinos, Doxaras, Kandounis, Koutouzis and Tzanes. The museum is

open daily, except Mondays and the opening times are from 8am to 3pm.


musei solomos kavos

The museum is dedicated to Grigorios Xenopoulas, a Greek novelist and play writer who lived from 1867 – 1951. The museum is near to the Church of Agios Dionysios, in the capital Zante town and houses a collection of manuscripts and personal artefacts of the Xenopoulos.


Piazza Solomos, Zakynthos Town

Opening hours: 1 July – 31 October: every day: from 08:00 to 15:00

Monday closed

Rates: Full € 4, reduced € 2


musei solomos kavos

The Museum Solomos and Kalvos contains the skeletons of the national poets Dionysios Solomos and

Andreas Kalvos in its mausoleum. In the basement you can find the Solomos room; the Romas room; the

Nicholas and Kolyva room containing important manuscripts of Dionysios Solomos; and also the room of

eminent Zakynthians together with a rich collection of portraits of them. There is also a well-stocked

library, period furniture, a folk and archaeological collection and a large number of photos. The museum

was rebuilt in 1957 and has been in operation since 1967. It is located at St. Markus Square.

Opening hours: From May 1 to October 31: every day: from 09:00 to 14:00

Rates: Full € 4 Reduced € 2


welcometozante musei helmi

Helmi Natural History Museum is the only one of its kind in Zakynthos. The museum is located in the

village of Ayia Marina, a beautiful village at the centre of Zakynthos, with an amazing view of the town and of Laganas Bay. It houses noteworthy collections with more than 500 specimens from the natural

world, such as birds, fish, shellfish from the seven seas of the world, plants, stones, minerals and animals that have become extinct. Inaugurated in August 2000, the museum is privately funded and aims to

raise awareness of the wonders of the nature of Zakynthos. Since the first day of activity, the museum has

continued to grow. Today it is considered one of the most promising institutions of its kind in Greece and

the Balkans.

Address: Aghia Marina, Zante 29100 (15 minute drive from Zakynthos town)

Opening hours: From May 1 to October 31: every day: from 09:00 to 18:00

Rates: Adults € 6 Children € 3


welcometozante musei navale zakynthos

The Naval Museum is located just outside of Zante Town, on Strani Hill in Bohali. It claims to have the best

collection of Byzantine vessels in the world. It covers all aspects of naval history from 1700 to the present

day and has an excellent collection of costumes from the Greek civil war, and the first and second world

war. There is also a documentary and information on the British submarine HMS Perseus sunk between

Cephalonia and Zakynthos during the Second World War.

Address: Tsilivi, Zante 29100 (10 minute drive from Zakynthos town)

Opening hours: 09: 30-14: 00 18: 30-21: 00

Rates: Full 2.60


welcometozante museo casa di foscolo

The house of Ugo Foscolo is located in Zante town. This was the house in which the national poet of Italy

Ugo Foscolo was born. Unfortunately the building was destroyed by the bombing of the Italians on

November 6 th 1940. In 2016 Foscolo’s new house was reconstructed again and in the interior of the new

building they are planning to build a brand new local library. Outside the house there is a small plaque on

the wall, as well as a white marble monument in homage to the late Ugo Foscolo.