What to eat in Zante

The chef Nikos showing his daily dishes at Taverna Malanos


In Zakynthos you can try a rich variety of appetizers. Some of the most common dishes are tzatziki (yogurt, garlic, cucumber), melitzanosalata (chopped aubergines), dolmadakia (vine leaves stuffed with rice), fava (chickpea mash) that are often accompanied with pita (the typical Greek bread ).

Tzatziki, melitzanosalata,dolmadakia, fava.

Of course due to the Mediterranean climate there are many types of vegetables. The most delicious and requested Greek salad is choriatiki and includes tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives and feta (the traditional Greek cheese).

Greek Salad.

 As for cheese, Zante has many!

The most famous traditional Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk is feta and follows the kefalotyri,which is a kind of hard cheese. Do not forget to try the two local cheeses, the tyrokayteri (cream-shaped cheese) and ladotyri (spicy and tasty cheese).

Tyrokayteri and ladotyri.

Greek pies, spanakopita (savory pie stuffed with spinach) and tiropita (savory pie stuffed with cheese) are often ordered as an appetizer or as a snack, they are really delicious and are usually served hot.



For main dishes, you can choose between meat, fish and vegetables. Pork, chicken, veal, lamb are cooked with unique recipes, however, the local dishes on the island are the kuneli (rabbit), gouvetsi (lamb with pasta), spetsofai (sausage and peppers). Make sure you try them all!

You can also find the classic souvlaki (pork or chicken skewer) and pita-gyros (pork-stuffed pita or chicken pita-kotopoulo) mussaka (aubergine, cheese, ragu) and papoytsakia (aubergines stuffed with meat and cheese), the moscharistifado (veal stewed onions and tomatoes).

Gouvetsi, mussaka, souvlaki, pitta-gyros.

Finally, if you like fish, you will have the opportunity to try calamari, sea bream, grouper, dentex, sea bream, octopus- both fried and grilled.

We advise you to ask the restaurateur the dish of the day.


In addition to the classic Greek sweets (Kataifi, Baklava, Bougatsa) 3 local sweets are produced in Zakynthos:

Mantolato is a locally produced nougat made from egg whites, almonds, sugar and honey and is often eaten during the carnival period.

Fytoura is another local dessert often sold on the roadside and is made from fried semolina covered with sugar.

Pasteli is a local dessert made from sesame seeds, honey and almonds and can be found in local stores or sold along the street during the holidays.

cosa mangiare dolci
Mantolato, fytoura, pasteli.

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