What to Do in Agios Sostis and Its Surrounding Areas

Agios Sostis Zante

Agios Sostis is a small beach resort town located between Laganas and Keri. In slightly less than one kilometer, you can find hotels, apartments, minimarkets, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. Although all services and facilities are concentrated in such small space, the area is very quiet and a popular destination for couples and families looking for a peaceful vacation. Young people choose it specifically for its proximity to Laganas, which can be reached in a few minutes by public or private transportation. Agios Sostis beach is sandy and extends to the right and left of Cameo Island.

What to Do in Agios Sostis

Cameo Island
isola di cameo ad agios sostis
Aerial view of Cameo Island

Cameo Island, one of the most famous attractions in Zakynthos, divides Agios Sostis beach in half. The island can be easily reached on foot by crossing a wooden pier. On the other side of the island from the pier, there is a tiny pebbly beach with crystal clear water and a multitude of fish. At night, the pier is lit up, thus creating a magical atmosphere perfect for romantic walks. Access to the island costs €5 and includes a free souvenir. Twice a week, the island offers happy hour events. For more information, visit the Events section.

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Agios Sostis Beach

Agios Sostis Beach extends all the way to nearby Laganas and is divided in half by Cameo Island. Its golden sand and slowly sloping seabed make it perfect for children. There is also a small area with inflatables where kids can safely play.

Main Street
The main street

Agios Sostis main street is lined with bars, restaurants and shops. The street comes alive especially in the evening when the lights come on and couples and families stroll among the various bars and souvenir shops. After dinner, young people move to nearby Laganas, reachable in a few minutes by public or private transportation.

Marathonisi Island

The port of Agios Sostis is the departing point for taxi boats to Marathonisi Island and for turtle spotting excursions. For more information, visit the section Excursions to Zakynthos Marine Park.

What to Do Around Agios Sostis

Visit to the Oil Press Museum
“Aristeon” Oil Press Museum

The oil press museum is located about 2 km from Agios Sostis. Admission is free and in addition to seeing the old oil production equipment displayed outside, you can also taste the various types of extra-virgin olive oil as well as orange, lemon, and garlic-flavored oils.

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