Sea turtles in Zakynthos: how to see them and where to find them.

tartaruga Caretta Caretta turtle Zante

The Loggerhead turtles Caretta-Caretta are the second attraction of Zakynthos Island, after obviously the famous Shipwreck Beach. Every day thousands of tourists flock to the beaches of the Marine Park and the excursions to be able to observe them in their natural habitat. It is possible to find them very easily in the bay of Laganas for two simple reasons: the first is because it is the place where they breed from April to August, the second is the shallow depth of the sea which allows them to be easily identified. Here are 4 ways to see them swimming in the clear waters of the Gulf of Laganas and some tips to be able to see the hatching of the eggs

4 ways to see the loggerhead Caretta-Caretta turtles in Zakynthos:


Snorkeling con le tartaruga Caretta Caretta a Zante

During a swim or while you are snorkeling it can happen that you come across a Caretta-Caretta turtle. The best area to meet it is that which goes from the island of Cameo to the small port of Agios Sostis. Swimming around the islet, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, it is quite likely that you will encounter a couple of specimens. If you do not want to let the turtle escape, approach it slowly, approaching it from the side, and do not touch it to avoid being bitten. Tip: pay close attention to the boats, a buoy can be very useful to be identified by the boats.

Kayak or pedalò

kayak e pedalò per vedere le tartarughe Caretta Caretta Di Zante

It is possible to rent kayaks or pedal boats on the beaches of Kalamaki, Laganas and Agios Sostis. To find the turtles you have to follow the excursion boats, as soon as you see them stationary in one point it means that they have identified the turtle and you just have to wait for them to leave. We advise you not to jump into the water nor to get too close to the boats, as they have to carry out numerous maneuvers to stay close to the turtle.


escursione per osservare le tartarughe caretta caretta Zante

The excursion is the best solution for turtle watching in Zakynthos. Before booking an excursion ask for information on the size of the boat, generally a boat of 20-40 passengers is an excellent compromise to get close to the turtle without disturbing it. Most tours are licensed by the Marine Park, check the reviews before booking. The price can vary from 7-10 € for the observation of the turtles only, we advise you to spend a few euros more and make some additional stops on the island of Marathonisi and the caves of Keri. More details on “Excursion to the Marine Park

Rent a boat

Noleggio barca

Boat rental is an unforgettable experience, as you can drive the vehicle independently to look for and observe the turtles, also making additional stops in the less touristy coves and bays of Zakynthos. If you are not very experienced in maneuvers, we recommend that you keep a distance of at least 10 m from the turtle to avoid injuring it with the propeller. The staff will explain the operation of the boat and the safety measures. If you are looking for more comfort, you can rent a boat with a skipper. More details on “Boat Rental“.

Where to see turtle hatching in Zakynthos:

There is little chance that you will be able to see the eggs hatch during your holiday in Zakynthos. In fact, the hatching takes place from the end of July and mainly at night. However, if you are motivated enough and a little lucky, you will be able to live this experience too. To see the hatching you have to go every day for a couple of hours, to one of the beaches of the Marine Park, the ones where it is more likely to see it are Kalamaki, Dafni and Gerakas, placing your towel near as many nests as possible (the towel can be placed only on the water’s edge). As soon as you notice the WWF volunteers near groups of people standing, it’s time to grab your camera to immortalize the little turtles heading towards the sea.

More info about the Marine Park:

Find more information on the Marine Park of Zakynthos and the Caretta-Caretta turtles in the section “Marine Park“.

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