Keri and Limni Keri: explore These 2 Zakynthos Villages

Limni Keri o Keri Beach Zante

Many tourists get confused due to the very similar name, but actually Keri and Limni Keri are 2 totally different villages of Zakynthos Island. Located about 4 km away from each other, Keri (also called Keri Village) is a village with typical houses built in stone while Limni Keri (also called Keri Beach) is a tourist village close to the sea. Keri is famous for the cliff from which to watch the sunset and for the largest Greek flag. while Limni Keri is famous for the caves and the beach. Let’s see in detail what to see in this area of ​​Zakynthos.


Cosa vedere a Keri Zante
What to see in Keri: the Greek flag, the Mizithres islands and sunset.

Keri is about 20 km from the Zakynthos Town and about 4 km from the beach. This village has around 500 residents and is famous for the largest flag in Greece, the cliff overlooking the Mizithres islands and the viewpoint to admire the sun dipping into the warm Greek waters. These three attractions, in reality, are located about 4 km from Keri, but fall within its territory.

A Guinness World Record flag

The flag at Keri Lighthouse

The flag is located near the restaurant “Keri Lighthouse”, it was built and designed by the owner of the restaurant, Stamatis Liveris. The pole is 50m long, has a weight of 6,500 kg, a diameter of 1 meter at the base and 25 cm at the upper pole. It is held in place by a 5x5x4.5m cube of reinforced concrete with 4 bars. It was built in China and transported to Zakynthos in a container and took 3 months to be assembled on site. The flag is made of synthetic fabric, and has a size of 18.10 x 36.90 m for a total area of ​​670 m². Its 80 kg are lifted with the help of an electric motor. The inauguration and consequent inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records took place on May 20, 2007.

Panoramic view of the Mizithres islands

Panorama Mizitheres da Keri Lighthouse
View of the stacks

Entering the “Lighthouse” restaurant it is possible to admire the two stacks, similar to those of Capri, called Mizithres. These 2 stacks were once 2 islands, following the 2018 earthquake and the subsequent landslide, the beach you see today formed. The beach can only be reached by private boats from Limni Keri or Cameo. Here: How to reach the Mizithres stacks.

Sunset from the cliff

Sunset from Keri

Continuing on the main road, after about 150 m from the “Lighthouse” restaurant, you will find the Keri viewpoint. Here hundreds of tourists come every day to observe the most evocative sunset of Zakynthos.

Limni Keri

Limni Keri spiaggia e grotte Zante
What to see in Limni Keri: beach and caves.

Limni Keri, (also known as Keri Beach), is a small tourist resort located about 16 km from the city of Zakynthos. The main attractions of this area are the beach and the caves.

Keri Beach

keri beach
Keri Beach

The beach of Keri is of white pebbles, the sea is clear and crystalline. Also suitable for families due to the shallow waters and the presence of trees on the shore that offer shelter during the summer heat.

Keri Caves

Excursion to the cave

The Keri Caves are a series of spectacular caves that can only be reached by excursion or by renting a boat. The caves can be explored both by swimming and by kayaking, do not forget to pack a mask and fins, you will not regret it!

More information about Keri and Limni Keri?

You can ask for more information directly to the people living in Zakynthos on the Facebook group: Welcometozante.