Marathonisi Island: how to get there and what to see

isola di Marathonisi Zante

Marathonisi Island is an islet in Laganas Bay, a few nautical miles from the southern coast of Zakynthos. Marathonisi Beach is considered one of the most beautiful in Zakynthos and is among those that easily fall within the collective imagination of paradise on earth. Here the sea has breathtaking shades of color: between green and blue near the coast and an intense electric blue offshore. The beach is located in the Marine Park, as a protected area, the beach is accessible up to 3 meters from the shore and a rope indicates its limit. WWF volunteers check that the tourists respect the rules and help the boats to moor without anchors (prohibited in the protected area).

The two beaches of Marathonisi Island

Not many tourists are aware of the second beach of Marathonisi Island, less famous but just as beautiful. Behind two caves and surrounded by the cliffs, there is a strip of sand and white pebbles. From the beach it is possible to access one of these caves through a passage.

You can reach Marathonisi Island by: taxi boat, excursion or by renting a boat.

Taxi Boat

taxi boat isola Marathonisi island Zante
Taxi Boat

Taxi boats are boats that shuttle from the beach to Marathonisi Island, the journey it takes around 15 minutes. The returning time is agreed with the captain in advance, we advise you to carefully evaluate the tolerance to the summer sun, in fact on the island there are no shaded areas, and umbrellas are prohibited. The price of Taxi range from 10 to 12€ per person. Tip: for a little extra, usually 5€, you can enjoy 15 minutes of turtle spotting.


Isola di marathonisi in escursione Zante
Excursion: Swimming stops at Marathonisi Island and Keri Caves

Not all excursions stop at the main beach of the island, in fact it depends on the size of the boat. Boats with up to 50 seats can park on the main beach while larger boats stop only near the second beach. The excursion generally includes a circumnavigation of Marathonisi Island with a stop on the main beach or near the caves, a further stop is made near Keri Caves. Cost from 15 to 20 € per person. Tip: with small boats you can visit the inside of the Marathonisi caves. More info: Excursions to the Marine Park.

Rent a boat

Boat Rental

By renting a boat you can visit Marathonisi Island on your own, stopping at both beaches and visiting the caves. Boating license is not required and the rental provides all the necessary explanations on the operation of the boat and on safety. If you are looking for more comfort, you can rent a boat with captian. The cost varies from the number of people and hours; gasoline and insurance are generally included. Boat 3 hours 75 € + 5 € for each additional person (check prices). Boat with captain 3 hours 180 € up to 8 people (check prices). Tip: to visit both beaches of Marathonisi Island and turtle spotting we recommend renting a boat for at least 3 hours.


isola di Marathonisi isola delle tartarughe Zante

Marathonisi Island is also called “turtle island” due to its shape similar to a turtle. To realize this, just look at it from the stretch of coast between Keri and Marathia.


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