What to do in Keri and its surrounding areas

Keri e Limni Keri Zante Zakynthos

The small village of Keri is located 20 km from Zakynthos Town and is often confused with Limni Keri, a seaside resort located near the port carrying the same name. For more information on these two villages read: “Keri and Limni Keri: explore These 2 Zakynthos Villages“.

What to Do in Keri

Main square
Piazza principale di Keri
The main square in Keri

The Main Square still maintains its original appearance and time seems to have stopped here. It has a bar and a tavern, where the few residents of the village meet at the end of the day. We recommend spending a few minutes getting lost in its small streets of the town: you will feel you have stepped back in time.

Sunset in Mizithres
vista sui faraglioni
View of the two majestic rocky peaks

Crossing Keri’s main square, after a few kilometers of dirt road, you will reach the scenic viewpoint overlooking two rocky peaks. See its position on Google Maps at https://goo.gl/maps/bJT1oLGAZhgGFNkRA. We recommend only traveling by Jeep or Quad. Those driving a car or scooter can easily reach this spot on foot by parking near the Keri Lighthouse Restaurant. For more information read “Mizithres: two majestic rocky peaks in Zakynthos“.

The Largest Flag in Greece
bandiera Keri flag zante
The biggest flag in Greece

A few kilometers from the village, you can see the largest flag in Greece, which earned a Guinness Book Record in 2007 for its dimensions of 18.10 m x 36.90 m, with a total area of ​​670 m².

What to Do in Limni Keri

spiaggia di Limni Keri Beach
Keri Beach

The beach is pebbly and is naturally shaded by a row of small trees. The sandy bottom drops very gently and the sea is crystal clear and often calm as the bay is sheltered by Marathonisi Island and Cape Marathia. Historically, this area is known for its almost exhausted bitumen (pitch) sources, also mentioned by Greek historian Herodotus in 425 B. Following small earthquakes, it is sometimes still possible to find small bitumen traces on the beach.

marathonisi isola
Marathonisi Island

Excursions and taxi boats to Marathonisi Island and Keri Caves depart from a small local port. Private boats can also be rented to independently visit the Marine Park and Mizithres Rocks.

immersioni scuba diving Keri Zante
Diving in Keri

Nero Sport Diving Center is located close to the beach. With over 20 diving sites and courses of various lengths, it is one of the best schools in Zakynthos.

What to Do around the Keri District

Visit to the centuries-old olive trees
Centuries-old Olive Trees

In a valley between Limni Keri and Keri. there used to be over 100 centuries-old olive trees, some of which still had plaques affixed by the Venetians between the 1500s and the 1800s. After the fire that hit the area in 2019, a few specimens have survived and are still visible today. See the position on Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/1SpBMJD2E9dpmJoeA

Visit Damianos Caves
le grotte di damianos Zante
The panoramic view from Damianos caves

These caves were relatively unknown until 2015, when Cave Damianos Restaurant was built. From the top of these caves you can enjoy a Fabulous view of the valley below and the sea in the distance. Some choose this scenic spot to treat themselves to a sunset dinner.

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