Shipwreck Beach: What’s Going On?

The Shipwreck Beach of Zakynthos is the most famous attraction of the island and the most photographed in all of Greece. Probably if the ship “Panagiotis” in 1980 had not run aground in this beautiful bay, today the place would not be so famous (more info “the complete story of the Shipwreck Beach“)

Forty-two years have passed and from year to year the old merchant ship crumbles, (a little out of carelessness and a little because of the inexorable passing of the years), causing serious concern for the local population. This winter there was a strong controversy following further damage caused by the strong winter storms. Here’s how it is now:

Shipwreck Beach January 2022
Spiaggia Del Relitto 2022 Zante
Shipwreck Beach Summer 2021

As you can see from the photos, a huge piece of the side was torn off by the force of the sea, further opening the gash on the left side. It is assumed that further measures will be taken this year to prevent visitors risking injury on visits to this beach. We will keep you posted!

Where to find updates:

All updates about Zakynthos Island and on the Shipwreck Beach are posted on the Facebook group Welcometozante.

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