What to Do in Exo Chora and its Surrounding Areas

Exo Chora Zante Zakynthos

Exo Chora is a small town with less than 100 residents, located between the villages of Agios Leon and Maries, the ideal place to get to learn about the traditional local architecture and the authentic lifestyle of the Zakynthos countryside. Although thousands of tourists who participate in organized excursions or sightsee move independently by scooter or car, stop here to photograph the millenary olive tree in the center of town, few also visit the other attractions in the old part of Exo Chora.

What to Do in Exo Chora

The Main Square
ulivo millenario ad Exo Chora Zante
The millenary olive tree in the center of town

The life of the village revolves around its main square, easily recognizable by the presence of two large trees, a millenary olive tree and a centenary plane tree. Here, you can also find several shops selling souvenirs and local products. The 17th century parish church of Saint Nikolaos is open to the public on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

The Old Town
The main street

The streets of the old town branch off from the church of San Nikolaos. Most of the old stone buildings have collapsed and are abandoned, but when you walk through these streets, you can still imagine the life of the town before the devastating 1953 earthquake.

The Old Wells
I pozzi di Exo Chora Zante
The 33 wells of Exo Chora

Behind the olive tree, continuing for about ten meters among the lush olive groves, there are 33 wells built in the early 1900s. Each well belongs to a family of the village; each of the wells was in fact used to supply water to family who had built it.

Local Products
Mrs. Panagiota’s shop

In Exo Chora, visitors can taste various local products, from oil to cheeses, from wine to spirits. Mrs. Panagiota from the “Platanos” shop, located in front of the centenary plane tree, opened her business in 1998 – the first in the village. Here, you can taste oil, rakomelo, 20 types of liqueurs and other local products made by her and her husband and then decide whether to buy them or not. Mrs. Panagiota has also great knowledge of the area: there is no question that she cannot answer!

Petia’s Cosmetics Shop

Petia’s cosmetics shop is an interesting business that opened in 2021. Back in 1995, Petia learned from her grandmother how to make soaps and creams using natural products. Here you can try soaps, body and hand care creams, ointments and oils. In addition, she organizes weekly workshops to learn how to make soap.

What to Do Around Exo Chora

The Well
The 30-meter deep well outside town

Hidden by the vegetation, there is a natural well over 30 meters deep, enclosed by vertical rocks. According to some residents, it was created by a meteorite, according to others by the collapse of the vault, but regardless, it is still an interesting rock formation.

The Venetian Tower
The Venetian Tower

Continuing along a dirt road towards the coast, you arrive at a small Venetian tower still in good conditions today, from where you can enjoy scenic views of most of the island’s western coast and take unforgettable photos.

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