Zakynthos for young people: here’s where to stay

This guide provides information on the best Zakynthos areas for young people looking for a vibrant and fun nightlife. When planning your holiday in Zakynthos, you may be thinking that in such a small island the choice of a place to stay is not that essential, because you can get around quickly and easily. Nothing could be more wrong !!! Zakynthos Island is certainly small but travelling between the various locations, especially in the evening, requires time and attention, two things that are not compatible with clubbing and drinking till the wee hours of the night. Consequently, the most suitable places for young people can be narrowed down to four: Laganas, Kalamaki, Argassi and Zante Town. We will also explain why Tsilivi, Alykes / Alykanas and Keri are not recommended.

In the next articles “Zante for families” and “Zante for couples” we will explain where to stay if you are looking for relaxation and tranquility. Below is a list of the best places to stay in Zakynthos for young people looking for nightlife and services nearby:


Laganas is the center of Zakynthos nightlife and a favorite destination for thousands of young people aged 18 to 21 who love unlimited partying. Although Laganas extends for 74 km², all the main clubs and discos are concentrated on a 500m road, where the 4 main discos are located side by side: the Rescue, Zeros, Sizzle, and Cocktail & Dream. In July and August, the street is crowded with young people club hopping, partying and drinking, making for some rather crazy behaviors. If you are looking for unbridled fun and excess, this is definitely the area for you, but if you are looking for more moderate fun we recommend a different location.

Public transportation connecting Laganas to Kalamaki and Zakynthos Town every hour is active until 10:00 PM. Twice a week there is a night shuttle (until 5.00 am) to the Barrage nightclub. More information on: “What to Do in Laganas and its surrounding areas“.

Pros: the main clubs can be reached on foot, public transportation until 10pm, night shuttle to the Barrage Club twice a week, unbridled fun until dawn.

Cons: sometimes dirty beach, some areas can be noisy and not very clean.


Zakynthos Town is the capital and main port of the island. Full of shops, clubs, restaurants and bars, it is an excellent solution for those looking for something fun to do every night and it is the best place to stay in Zakynthos for young people who do not want / cannnot rent a vehicle. In fact, the central bus station for the island’s public transportation service (KTEL) connecting the capital with the main resort towns and villages is located here (for information on all bus connections: “Public Transportation in Zakynthos: Fares and Connections“). Additionally, behind the city, on Strani Hill, there is the village of Bochali from where you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Zakynthos. About 1km from the city there are 3 clubs: the Barrage (the largest on the island), the Minima and the Cebu. More information about “What to Do in Zakynthos Town and its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: extensive choice of clubs and things to do, proximity to the main nightclub on the island, numerous bus connections to other locations.

Cons: limited parking during high season, small beach with few services.

Zante per giovani Argassi

Located 3 km from Zakynthos Town, Argassi has recently become one of the favorite places of young people looking for more moderate fun and a quieter vacation. Its main street offers souvenir shops, restaurants and a few bars (Portokali, the most famous one, serves excellent cocktails). If you are looking for a nightclub where you can party until dawn, just go to the nearby Barrage, which can be reached on foot or by taxi for a few euros. The beach is perhaps Argassi,’s weak spot. It is in fact, small and almost non-existent, but thanks to public transportation and free shuttles, you can easily reach the nearby Vasilikos beaches (more info: “Vasilikos beaches“).

More information on: “What to Do in Argassi and its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: proximity to Zakynthos Town and the Vasilikos Beaches, Barrage nightclub is reachable on foot.

Cons: almost non-existent beach.

Zante per giovani Kalamaki

Kalamaki is a small seaside town about 3 km from Laganas. Its main street is lined with a series of bars, restaurants and shops. There are no clubs, but the proximity to Laganas and the easy and quick access to both Zante Town and Argassi, make it one of the best resorts for those looking for the right mix of unbridled fun and the ability of sipping a drink in a more peaceful environment. The local public transportation service (KTEL) connects Kalamaki to Zakynthos Town and Laganas until 10:00 PM and a night shuttle connects it to the Barrage nightclub twice a week.

More information on “What to Do in Kalamaki and its Surrounding Areas“.

Pros: proximity to Laganas, beautiful beaches and pristine water.

Cons: the beach closes at sunset to avoid disturbing the laying and hatching of turtle eggs; you need a vehicle or taxi to reach Laganas.


Tsilivi is a tourist resort north of Zakynthos Town. Although its main street offers restaurants and bars, Tsilivi is mainly popular with families and people over 30. Furthermore, the winding road connecting it to Zakynthos Town and other locations is dark and treacherous, therefore making it not suitable for those returning home after a few drinks with friends.


Limni Keri is a quiet town 13 km from Laganas, with only a couple of bars open until 2:00 am, definitely not the ideal place for young people to stay in Zakynthos. Like Tsilivi, Keri’s roads are also dark with many hairpin bends and is therefore not suitable for those returning home late.


These two villages are so close to each other that they can be considered as a single location. Both are centered around a main street with restaurants and bars, but they are also very far from Zakynthos Town and Laganas (about 30 minutes by car), making it a challenge to reach places with a more vibrant nightlife in the evening.


Directly ask the people living in Zakynthos on the Facebook group: Welcometozante.